When I began the project I knew nothing of the Royal Society, what an Astronomer Royal might be or what form the wonderful ‘Philosophical Transactions’ took (which have supplied so much of my source material). The learning process – particularly the kindness of librarians and curators – has whetted my appetite both for research and writing; I have found the processes; shaping and editing of a sentence, akin to sculpting.geoconnect

Last week I took the show to GeoConnect in London; it was a strange experience talking about the work to a background ‘drone’ of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles). But I met a huge number of fascinating people enthused by the project, but who might not normally enter a gallery: ‘breathtakingly beautiful’, ‘fantastic’, ‘great talk’, ‘inspired me as an ex-cartographer’ were just some of the comments. And thank you for those who tweeted about it (I can’t write in short enough sentences).geoconnect-2The Conference saw the launch of the publication – more on that later – but having not written in a while, I just wished to add a huge thank you to all those who have supported the project to date.


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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5 Responses to Support

  1. Janet Ross says:

    Wow Karen, I’m so pleased it went so well and that your project and talk were so enthusiastically received – though not surprised! I was thinking of you! Congratulations! Janet


  2. Jenny Wildblood says:

    Sounds very interesting – are you going to be able to share your presentation? I feel jealous of your audience!


  3. wonderful….just wonderful Karen…you star woman!! so sorry I missed seeing you at the event…!!


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