Cultural Significance of Place

If you live on an isolated island, or in a prison cell, how would you mark the passing of time, scratches on a wall perhaps? Eschewing the rhythm of day and night, artist Fiete Stolte invented an 8 day week divided into 21 hour days thus cutting himself adrift from the lives and rituals of those around him. He contended his work stemmed from having lived in ‘isolation’ (in the ‘peculiarly’ adrift wall-era Berlin).

Time: Saturday, 1pm. Place: Venice Biennale Open Table; 20 of us (including curator Christine Macel) discussing: time, place, the ephemeral and isolation, which of course led me back to how  – in isolation – we devise (or re-invent) structures  (such as contour lines) for ourselves as a means to comprehend place.

It was, for me, the most interesting event of the Biennale: sharing of ideas, questioning assumptions, grappling with why we think what we think in a way that sometimes ‘looking at art’ (rather than engagement) just doesn’t cut the mustard. For the like-minded, may I suggest a time: 2.30 to 5pm, Friday 8th December and a place: Room 3.39 Armstrong Building, Newcastle University for a roundtable on maps and mapping. Organised by Cultural Significance of Place Research Group, the event is free and open to all, though as it is expected to be fully booked reserving soon (now) is recommended: More information on the Events Page.


About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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