Lines within Lines

Yesterday I was working with primary school children creating conceptual art.

Our long drawings of ‘lines within lines’ sprang from an investigation of the ‘endless’ lines we could see on a map: the rivers, roads and pylon cables tracking across a landscape. Then we looked at the orange/brown contour lines encircling Schiehallion, we could just see the tip of the mountain from the school, but no trace of these necklaces.The process reemphasised for me why contour lines hold such fascination; unlike fences, walls, boundary lines and occasionally rivers, they do not apportion land: ‘mine’ ‘his’ ‘yours’. Neither do they define specific routes as railway, roads, bridle and footpaths do. Instead, by aiding us to understand elevation (on flat paper or screen), they support us in moving through a landscape. They suggest where traverse might be foolish, but their presence never hinders us in walking forth. I love them for this lightest of touch on a landscape.The Lines of Attraction mini-residency finishes Sunday when I de-install at the Gallery, the last ‘event’ is the talks this Saturday. It will be hard to leave, and harder to process such a wealth of experiences and new connections to place. Making it all such a fantastic experience are the people I have met these last two weeks, for whom there is no ‘thank you’ big enough.

About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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