The Great Lines has received funding through Creative Scotland, Arts Council England and Visual Art in Rural Communities (VARC).

No less important is the generous support of individuals and institutions. I have no desire to qualify the ‘value’ of each individual who has helped, some have given a huge amount of their time, knowledge and intelligence; with others, contact – whilst more fleeting – was often inspirational. The list below is in order of ‘appearance’:

National Trust for Scotland including Sandra Morrison & Kate Samson

Sara Maitland, author

Aidan Moesby (artist, partner, patient listener & confidant)

National Library of Scotland, Map Library, particularly Chris Fleet

Visual Arts in Rural Communities, including Janet Ross & Cynthia Morrison Bell

Mike Collier W.A.L.K. (walking, art, landskip & knowledge)

The Literary and Philosophical Society including Kay Easson

The British Library including Nicola Beech & Professor Ifan Shepherd

Ann Bukantas (National Museums Liverpool)

John Muir Trust particularly Dr Liz Auty & Mike Daniels

Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics Robin Johnson (without whom there would be no map)

Artists: Susan Dobson, Helen Pailing, Iris Jousma & Julia Barton

Dr David Fairbairn, Newcastle University

Jenny Purrett & William Pym artists /teachers at Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham

The Royal Society including Katherine Marshall

Dr Peter van der Krogt, University of Amsterdam

Gert Koese, Waterschapsarchivaris, Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland, Leiden

Martijn Verbon, Stadsarchief Rotterdam

Martijn Storms, Universitaire Bibliotheken, Leiden

Cambridge University Library including Adam J. Perkins (retired)

John Tullis (blog follower)

Jan Ashdown (knowledgeable friend)

Peter Samsom (sheep farmer & Ancelin translator)

Dr Emma Coffield, Newcastle University

Gerry Zierler, Chairman, Charles Close Society

Kevin Harrison, Artlink Central

Munro Gauld & the Luss Collective

Jon Plunkett

Dr Diarmid Finnegan, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Keith Lilley, Queen’s University Belfast

John Moore, University of Glasgow

Margaret Martin/ Mairead Mhàrtainn, Stornoway Library, Lewis

Henry MacInnes, Stornoway Masonic Lodge, Lewis

Anne Taylor, Head of Map Department, Cambridge University Library

Rob Wheeler, Honorary Secretary, Charles Close Society

Richard R. Oliver, Author

Yolande Hodson, formerly of the British Library’s Map Library

Soetkin Vervust, Secretary ICA Commission on the History of Cartography

Martin Rickenbacher, Swisstopo

Hans-Uli Feldmann, Verlag Cartographica Helvetica

Peter Barber, formerly of the British Library’s Map Library